fried chicken with homemade chips


super easy yummy meal.

fried chicken


bread crumbs – we use gluten free


milk – i use almond milk


mix egg and milk

on a plate mix the bread crumbs and any herbs or seasonings you want

dip chicken into egg mix

then crumb mix


{if your right hand you have the egg mix to the left and crumb mix on your right.

then only use your left hand for egg mix then place the chicken on the plate.

then use your right hand to place some crumbs on the chicken and flip over and do the same then use the right hand to place it on the pan.

This keeps your hands cleaner and will not clumb up

if your left handed do the same but have the egg on your right and crumbs on your left }

fry till golden brown


homemade chips

mandolin slicer




use a mandolin slicer to slice the potatoes thinly

fry them in pan. I  find using a wok works the best. Also work in small batchs.


Cook to your liking ( some like it more crispier  then some )

add a bit of salt and or herbs or seasonings

Enjoy !


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